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Stew in Beppu, or Another Photo Post

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As something to hold everyone (myself) over until the final in Japaniel, Japaniel post, I am posting my Uncle’s Photos of Japan.

As for his impressions of Japan, I would seek the man out yourself- receiving his e-mails, updating me on the Ravens, explaining his latest cooking adventures, reminds me that his observations were fresh, mixed with the experiences of his life and affecting his impressions.

After a week of attempting to cover the ground we covered in a simple blog post, I, unfortunately gave up. Our adventure was the stuff of books- and sadly this blog is the stuff of the internet. Something found when facebook stalking me, or googling “Japanese Boys, Osaka” (this happens, as my wordpress stat info tells me, more often than you’d imagine).

Hopefully though- one can pull an impression at least from the photos I have.

Tomorrow will be a longer post- explaining what I’ve been up to, in between things. But, as this month has mostly been spent tying up loose ties, and looser relationships, this month has been more of a touchstone for my life, than for entertainment, for the moment.

In other news, as these things are addictive, and since I am a narcissist, I have created a new blog- not travel-based, however, just for my short stories.

I’ll post the link in my last entry.

Photos courtesy of Uncle Stewart.




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January 13, 2009 at 9:25 am

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Happy New Year

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We’re making mochi, so you don’t have to.

Love and Happy New Year.

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January 2, 2009 at 8:11 am

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