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Slight Cold

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“I don’t care what you say, I’ll add cilantro to anything.”

This is the result of one of my more mindless arguments with myself after three days of staying indoors, more or less.

Luckily my first day here I had the forsight to make a grocery store excursion, picking up orange juice, gingerale, 2 salmon filets, 2 packs of firm tofu, frozen cut spinach, a six-pack of Sapporo’s winter ale, a half-loaf of wheat bread and some parsley.

The parsley was a mistake. A mistake only I can take credit for, obviously I had wanted cilantro, as parsley is disgusting and has no use in the kitchen. Even the label says “Pa-Sa-Ri” to anyone, that should scream, not cilantro. An amateur mistake. A mistake I kind of sat in my mucusy cocoon stewing over… damnit… cilantro is called “Pa-Ki-Chii” here.

After my painful experience trying to imagine parsley tastes the same as cilantro, I picked up some of the real stuff on my walk back from Ookura eki today.

Actually, yes I have been out. At least once a day, I have been outside for longer than an hour, in order to keep my morale up. After sleeping for a good 14 hours… I woke up this morning  (12:30), and willed myself to bathe. There I decided to make a little trip to Shibuya.

I was counting my blessings when I thought, at least I didn’t have a headache, just a backache and cough. I came back from the busiest train-station/intersection in the world with a stuffy nose and feverish headache. Luckily those have calmed down a bit since then.

The sights were worth it though. More of the usual, crazy colors, a uniform 35 under crowd. People taking pictures of the giant intersection. Couples, foreign or local alike sitting cross legged, visible through the third or second floor windows of the Starbucks they populated.

My trip was simple enough, check out the local musical instrument stores. It’s become actually a regular routine of mine when going into a new town here. Usually I dick around on whatever selection of harmonia’s are available (here they are called pianokas), or oggle the ocarina selection. I was little too congested and considerate today to spread germs, so I limited my activities to browsing mandolin books.

It’s amazing how little I feel like speaking Japanese when I am sick. I almost feel completely innept when faced with conversation. This especially bothers me with my host family, since I want to speak so much more- but whenever I get excited, I simply, literally, get clogged up.

Past few days though have been great rest though. As Jay reminds me from back home, there is really no rush.

And really, I don’t feel all too bad. Shibuya looked exactly the same. When I got there, I realized- oh yeah, the welcoming party tomorrow is going to be in Shibuya. I slapped myself and went about the window shopping.

Some great sleeping and reading has been done. But really, the greatest achievement lately is getting a copy of Dave Brubeck’s “Live at Carnegie Hall” put on my computer.

Nothing compliments a cold in the cold better than side 2.

Good night!


Written by Daniel

December 6, 2008 at 3:13 pm

Posted in announcement

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  1. parsley… you goof.

    when you get back to baltimore we will unlock the hidden potential of many a vegetable!

    get belgian endives, and some leeks.
    the iron chef possibilities…

    c j

    December 9, 2008 at 2:50 am

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