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As I have swapped bullet trains for beds, the constant access to the internet has been limited. Luckily I am in Fukuoka now, a town that doesn’t start-up until 9 or 10 PM. Home of the best Ramen, I have a tough night ahead of me.

Until the morning post, let’s have a photo re-cap of the past few days, while my rust colored bath (unintentional) fills up.

I was sleeping here for awhile, during the Marathon of Reading 2008. Will was lovely enough to let me apartment sit. He would have checked with his roomate if it was okay- however, he has never met him.

(note the pillow I made. Ingredients: 3 jackets, a snagged United Air blanket, and a cashmere scarf wrapped up in a black hoody.)

Ate this beauty in Uji. Afterward, my friend toured me around the sites.

The sites:

We then returned to Kyoto for Christmas decorations. Christmas starts with November, as there are no pilgrims to celebrate in a country full of decendents from the Sun Goddess.

Not to be confused with-

Fast forward, two days later, I am in Sanda eating delicious forever and ever. My host Midori-san (Buddhist name, Renshu) put me up for three nights. After eating my weight in tofu and Ginko nuts, I tagged out with Paul and Alex.

Like the maple leaf touch? I had more pictures, but as soon as I pulled out my camera, Okura-san ran from a hot pot to the table, throwing maple leafs from her stockpile on to each of the plates.

Her workspace:

After this, I hung out with her husband. He sat like the Buddha, as he took his time painting dozens of plates that he would only have to repaint again the next day.

Like I said, Paul and Alex joined me in Sanda. There we were filled with Sho-chu and Calorie saving cocktail drinks to our hearts content. I made a pretentious comment that I felt like Odysseus when he is on that one island, with all that food, and that beautiful woman. Sadly I left the next morning on the first train to Shin-Osaka (to transfer to a Bullet to Hakata, then an express to Nagasaki).

Paul in wedding gift futons.

My day in Nagasaki. From the moment I left the train, my guilt filled me. Of course! I mean, even if there are no residual hard feelings. Oh god, the guilt was tough. The few American tourists I ran into echoed similar feelings. This is part of it thought.

Naturally, I have photos of this experience. But, my photo uploading failed. So maybe I will knock out an explanation of Fukuoka and Nagasaki tomorrow morning. Is this okay with you?

Tomorrow afternoon, I take the bullet back to Shin-Osaka. There I meet up with Sachi to take another bullet to Kanazawa.

This is my room by the way. And it’s view. Not much. I like their yukata though. It is a going-commando’s dream.

Okay, more predictable river shots and random temple pictures to come later, it’s 9:30 and time to get my Ramen on.


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November 18, 2008 at 12:24 pm

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