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Tonight, after some time passing window shopping in a gigantic appendage of Umeda-eki, Osaka, I met up with Alex and Paul at the reverse hourglass (an hourglass whose sand displaces a denser gas that flips itself once the sand completely falls).

We took the 40 minute JR to Sanda, to meet back up with Renshu-san. We had another fantastic meal. Feet warmed by the kotatsu, we shared the halfway points of our journeys so far. Right now Renshu continues to help by pointing the direction to the Fudomuyouoh pilgrimage they are about to take, while I gather my thoughts on the trip to Nagasaki tomorrow.

The studying of Japanese cooking has certainly paid off, though I still learn more and more each day. If I forget everything, even everything, I will always remember the hour long marathon of whisking egg yolk for Okura-san’s ground lotus root something or other.

More than ever, each experience has taught me that if i want to control my life, the simplest thing to do is let go and let things take you.

Perhaps I feel like the Umeda hourglass, or perhaps it’s simply the “calorie saving” cocktail soda’s Renshu-san has been supplying Alex, Paul and I each night.


Written by Daniel

November 16, 2008 at 12:57 pm

Posted in shoujin ryouri

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